Vacationing in China

From Luoyang and Xi an

This past week was a Chinese national holiday celebrating 59 years of Chinese independence.  This meant no school and time to vacation.  Our plans looked like this, we hop on an overnight train to Louyang City in Henan Providence, spend 3 days there, hop on another overnight train to Xi’an (shee-an) in Shaanxi Providence and then fly back to Nanjing.

This ended up being an adventure, and I’ll do my best to account to you, dear reader, of our journeys.

Train Trip

Our trip started at Nanjing train station 11pm Saturday night.  After some help by a few locals who spoke some english we were on the train and ready to go.  We had soft sleeper tickets which meant we had one part of a triple bunk bed open to the hallway and no seat.  The first thing the four of us did (we we’re traveling with 2 friends, Craig a fellow teacher, and Carl, Craig’s friend from Australia) was head for the beer cart.

From Transportation
From Transportation

That’s Craig and Carl after many hours in the beer cart.  Eventually, we were made to go to bed by a Chinese stewardess who had been looking for us all night.  She escorted us to our beds and there we slept.  I’m still not sure why we had to go to bed….

The next morning we woke up in Louyang.  The day was spent getting our hotel room, napping, and booking our train to Xi’an.  (China lacks the infrastructure to book train tickets of a departing train in any city except the one which you are in.  Basicly, you can only book tickets of trains leaving from the city where you are.  This means you cannot book return tickets, or in our case, tickets from Louyang to Xi’an.)  I did manage to get sick again.  I threw up a days worth of food and didn’t eat anything the next day either.

We’ll blog about the actual places we went soon, but for now I have to prepare for the week ahead…

From Luoyang and Xi an

One thought on “Vacationing in China

  1. When I was in Taiwan in 2000, signs this bad were pretty much a memory. It just goes to show the difference between even an advanced Third World country and one of the poorer First World ones.

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