Guest Blogger!

I was a guest blogger on a travel website, but you had to scroll all the way down to view my article, so I’m just going to print the article here. (I’m still learning about how to size the pictures, as you can tell!)Here’s the link to the article, Cheap Airfare Enjoy! China – a […]

Internet In Starbucks

Ever wonder how everyone was getting online at Starbucks? I know I did. Here’s a short how to for the expats. You’ll see the welcome screen above. Whip out your cell phone and enter your cell number into the first box. Then enter the code into the second box. Wait a second…. you’ll get a […]

Nanjing, a Sad History

In August 1937 a very sad period in the history of Nanjing, and indeed the world began.  Today we visited a monument to this atrocity. The Nanjing Massacre or Rape of Nanking happened early in the second Sino-Japanese War (China verse Japan 1937- the end of World War II).  During the ensuing occupation over 300,000 Chinese were […]