A Classy Nanjing Valentine

From Valentine's Day Nanjing

A classy restaurant? In Nanjing? With quality food we can order without reading Chinese?

We have found it.

From Valentine's Day Nanjing

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our friends Fulvio and his girlfriend Lana at a Taiwanese Restaurant.

From Valentine's Day Nanjing

It was completely vegetarian, buffet style, so we could eat as much as we liked of whatever we liked, without having to say “may yo ro,” or sending back dishes or crying our eyes out over the spice.

From Valentine's Day Nanjing

Even Lana, an enthusiastic meat eater, was continually fooled by the dishes, proclaiming, “This is meat,” occasionally.

Exotic icecreams like mango, peach, mint, pineapple, and tiny little cakes of all varieties lined the table for deserts. Fresh juices, fresh ground coffee, and flower tea to quench our thirst.

From Valentine's Day Nanjing

Best of all – classy, English service in a beautifully decorated room. We could forget we were in China!

From Valentine's Day Nanjing
From Valentine's Day Nanjing

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