Monkeys, Elephants, and Kitties, Oh My!

From Bangkok

Ko Chang: great beaches, great weather, abundant tropical fruit, friendly kitties, and as always in Asia, it’s cheap. We’re staying in a bungalow about 20 yards from the beach, with a cool morning breeze sliding up the planked floor to wake us. The sand is soft, with sea shells the size of babies’ fingernails, the water refreshing, and the sunshine abundant.

From Ko Chang

As you may know we’re here with Keppie and his friend (now ours too) Donna from England.

From Ko Chang

Our stay on a tropical island started roughly, however: Laura was sick to her stomach for two days, throwing up until all that was left was brake-fluid colored bile – and that came up, too. But so much better to be sick in a bungalow by the beach than a cold apartment in Nanjing.

Mostly we’ve done exactly what we came here to do, sit on the beach, relax, and try not to let the Polak in me get burnt. But we have had an outing or two around the island. Yesterday we went to see an elephant camp. Our elephant a 13 year old girl named Anna took us on a tour of a “jungle.”

From Ko Chang

This was the lame part of the tour; the only jungle we went through with this elephant was clear cut a long time ago and replaced with pines and some other mundane trees. The fun part was swimming with the elephant. This animal is huge and seems even bigger as it crashes into the water sending you flying off.

From Ko Chang
From Ko Chang
From Ko Chang

After the tour we decided to spend some money on sugar cane to feed the elephant. Anna the elephant saw us buying the sugar cane and began to struggle against the chain holding her leg to a large wooden pole. Once within reach she grabbed the out reached sugar cane with her trunk and in a few chews of her massive jaw it was gone. Our entire first batch of sugar cane went very quickly in this manner. We did better our next batch, holding the sugar cane behind our backs. Laura fed Anna without a hitch (excluding a minor tug on her pants). By holing the sugar cane behind our backs, we got elephant trunk hugs. When I fed Anna, she took the sugar cane very quickly, and my camera with it. Now I’m standing there fighting with an ELEPHANT for my camera. These are big, strong animals and she wasn’t about to give up her sugar cane. To my luck I managed to pop the sugar cane out the side of her trunk grip and hold on tight enough to win my possession back. After feeding her we went to pet her. She bored of this in about 10 seconds and gave Laura a hearty head butt. That was her way of saying “goodbye.” (Or, go get me some more sugar cane, chick.)

From Ko Chang

href=””> From Ko Chang

Lastly, we fed a monkey tied to a swing – he took my elastic and tried to steal Laura’s ring. When she tried to trade him pineapple for the elastic so that he would choke when he started chewing on it, he bit her on the leg – no skin broken though. Naughty monkey.

From Ko Chang

Here’s some pictures of monkeys playing on the power lines – I thought it was a huge squirrel when it jumped out of the bushes and onto the power lines!

From Ko Chang
From Ko Chang

Monkey butt:

From Ko Chang

One thought on “Monkeys, Elephants, and Kitties, Oh My!

  1. Hi,

    I happened across your blog via google, and just wanted to let you know how truly helpful it has been.

    I’ll be moving into my dorm in Nanjing in a little over two weeks, and seeing the (what appears to be) relative ease two fellow illiterate Americans seem to be coping with living in the city lessens many of the apprehensions I’ve been having as my move-in day nears.

    Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work.


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