Huangshan – Yellow Mountain

When we went to see the village in the Chinese country side we spent the first day hiking. Well, it was more like climbing stairs – about 4 hours of climbing stairs. The mountain itself is extremely beautiful with rolling fog and mountain peaks sticking out like little islands when you look out over the horizon. You have the feeling while climbing up that you are seeking to speak with a mystical guru at the top of a desolate mountain peak.

Here are some pictures we took while hiking up (unfortunately, the fog was far to thick to see anything on the way down. That and we accidently got in line for the cable car – a two hour wait in the rain on the side of an exposed mountain. We’ll say it was an experience and leave it at that.)

From Huang Shan

From Huang Shan

From Huang Shan

From Huang Shan

2 thoughts on “Huangshan – Yellow Mountain

  1. It actually looks just like our trip to the Chisos mountains in Big Bend National Park in extreme West Texas. But I do not advise anyone viewing this to go there expecting this type of scenery — fog is common in Eastern China, but rare in Big Bend National Park, which is mostly desert. To see this in the Big Bend is a rare treat.

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