The Country Side

While hiking Huang Shan, we also visited a nearby ancient Chinese village. The cost was 80 RMB to visit this place, nearly the price to see the Terracotta Warriors, (the Chinese will charge you for anything if they think you’ll pay), but it certainly took nice photos. I wish I could take credit for them, but the artist is our friend and co-worker Paul who organized the trip.

A pumpkin grows on a vine hanging over a wall in an ancient Chinese village

From Huang Shan
From Huang Shan

Reflections of the village in the waterways

From Huang Shan
From Huang Shan
From Huang Shan

2 thoughts on “The Country Side

  1. I’ve long thought that those high-arched, single span bridges are the truly remarkable engineering feat of ancient China, though they are seldom if ever mentioned as such (they can be MUCH longer than the bridge in the photograph). The Great Wall, the Grand Canal, the Great Fleet of the fifteenth century, etc. are impressive and all, but they consist basically of great feats of labor organization (i.e., compulsion) and finance, utilizing technologies that had existed in much of the world for millenia, only on a larger scale. But the capability to bridge rivers in a single span and with such high clearance is something that only the Chinese could do until relatively modern times. Those bridges are what ancient China SHOULD be known for, not a stone-and-mud brick wall that is essentially little more than just a whole bunch of run-of-the-mill castles strung together.

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