China: The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination of All

Parisian cafes in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower? White sand beaches along turquoise surf? You can keep them. The most romantic moment in our year-long honeymoon in China has been riding a two person bike along the enormous city wall of the ancient capital of Xi’an.

Dating back to 1370, over a century before Columbus set sail, the massively thick gray brick wall has pagoda-roofed towers every 20 or so meters, with red lanterns along the way. The wall overlooks the city, the bustling, neon-lit, modern restaurants and hotels, the traditional Chinese style buildings and parks, and the tip of the Great Mosque. The gray fog that hangs over Xi’an seems like a mysterious mist a mounted warlord might appear from. As night falls, the outline of the walls and pagodas are lit up with strings of white and yellow lights. The wall gives you the “I’m in China” shivers.

From Luoyang and Xi an
From Luoyang and Xi an

Forget limos. Forget cruises. A bicycle built for two is the mode of transportation for the honeymooning couple. Together, you are in your own bubble, sharing the experience at the same time, your voices in each others’ ears. Every movement you make changes the balance of the bike. You have to agree to brave flying down the steep ramps together, and trust the driver to steer clear of people, bikes, dogs, and towers.

There is something intimate about being in a foreign, exotic place together. Particularly in a country as alive as China – with people everywhere, ancient heritage sites, beautiful mountains. Together, we are seeing how amazing the human race can be, how wondrous our natural world, how interesting different cultures in a way that few others may get the chance. We’re pretty lucky in that.


6 thoughts on “China: The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination of All

  1. Beautiful. Amazing. I love it. You guys are on the best honeymoon EVER! And I’m so glad you mention transportation as being a key part of it all 🙂

  2. Aye, this would be your answer tho people who questioned why China, eh? To say that it’s spectacularly beautiful would be an understatement at best.

  3. Pretty great, guys. Excellent writing as well, madame. Can I just say, though, Callis, you have definitely found your frugal soul mate 🙂

    Julia, can you just forget the transportation for a second??

    I haven’t checked this page in a while but it looks really shnazzy! Hope this email finds you happy and healthy and free of the runs. We will miss you at game night tonight. I will get a little too intense and yell at someone in your collective honor (mostly you, Laura 🙂 ).

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